Account Planning

The acquisition retention and growth of key enterprise customer relationships requires effective analysis, planning and execution.

Custell’s Strategic Account Relationship Planning methodology (SARP) can assist your account teams to achieve considerable sales revenue and margin growth.

How? Account Planning Methodology:

  • Helps your account team to position as valued advisers and business solution providers versus product/services sales people.  It will focus the  team on developing an understanding of the customer’s business strategies and challenges so that they are better placed to position the value of your products and services.
  • Provides the tools and framework to assist you to gather customer intelligence and gain valuable insight.
  • Provide methods to assess the customer decision powerbase and their key business and behavioral drivers.
  • Provides the tools to analyse customer intelligence and identify key customer business drivers and challenges.
  • Provides a process to develop innovative initiatives that begin the solution development process to address customer challenges.  This will provide input to the opportunity strategy.


Custell can provide you with:

  1. Assessment and analysis of your  customer intelligence and account planning  needs.
  2. The account planning methodology adapted to your specific needs,
  3. The coaching, mentoring and training in the successful deployment of account planning,



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