Virtual Teaming

Teaming, Collaboration and Outcome Management

for Enterprise Relationship Management

Empower High Performing Virtual Teams

to Manage Change and Deliver Essential Outcomes


Safer, smarter, faster teamwork.

Now more than ever, business moves at breakneck speed. Decisions need to be made at a rapid pace. Deadlines seem to get tighter. Costs loom larger. The demands of today’s business world require a new approach to transform the way information is managed and desired outcomes achieved. Custell will assess your needs, help identify the right tools for you and then provide effective training. We’re about people from disparate organizations and geographies intuitively working together in secure virtual teams and collaborating effortlessly. We will coach you on how you can make information useful, accessible and secure for your teams. 


Enable business change with fluid structures.
Success now requires the ability to respond to change immediately it happens. You need to be able to establish, change and disband teams as quickly as your business needs dictate. You need the ability to immediately establish and change inter team relationships and team and project hierarchy to suit the business, enterprise relationship and security requirements as they change; today, tomorrow and next week. We need to simplify planning and the allocation of resources to respond to change.

Achieving outcomes through team based projects.
As organizations become more fluid in their structure significant proportions of annual budgets are allocated to achieve strategic outcomes and less towards day to day operations. Cross functional teams need to easily form to manage these outcomes. These virtual teams will include individuals from different internal stovepipes and external organizations. Organisations need the capability to enable virtual, cross functional teams to form and collaborate to achieve project outcomes.

Team Structure

Custell Multi-Enterprise Teaming Example

Make information become intelligence.
Information. It’s a valuable, and valued enterprise asset. Yet organizations struggle with how to manage it, control it and safeguard it particularly when collaborating with other enterprises. We will help you determine how your critical information can be accessed anywhere, any time, regardless of location and selectively by team. Documents can be selectively shared securely with individuals or teams. Information is organized and managed so that it intuitively integrates with how you work. Users can more easily search information and find answers for faster business decision-making.

Turn communication into collaboration.
The days of stovepipe communication and paper trails are gone. We need to implement the tools necessary to coordinate, review, approve, and interact with your cross organizational teams no matter where they are in the world. Expertise, views and resources both inside and outside the company need to  join together to generate ideas and solutions. Coordination and collaboration across your organization and your customers and partners needs to become part of the daily routine, preventing communication breakdowns and increasing productivity.

Achieve team based outcomes.
Teams are formed to achieve outcomes. Often project management skills and experience are limited. So they need the skills and tools to define and project structure, their required outcomes and to agree to task accountability and responsibility. The team leader does not have time to chase progress on all tasks. So an intuitive team based project management solution should be implemented to enable the team to plan, monitor and deliver required outcomes without fuss and with limited project management overheads.

Optimise repetitive processes.
Imagine achieving prescribed outcomes with fewer steps and less emails. We need to implement a new way of doing business seamlessly. Tasks need to be managed and assigned effectively, establishing processes, dictating pace and keeping things on track. Best practices from across the organization need to be integrated into one, central location to drive results. Repetitive projects need to be accelerated and streamlined.

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