Custell Innovate


The Enterprise Relationship Innovation Program: Facilitating innovation across two enterprises to create outstanding value for both parties.

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OverviewInnovation Change Model

Innovation is the lifeblood for sustaining relationships. Conducted jointly with both parties Custell Innovate aids in developing a culture of innovation that will deliver added value and cost reduction for both the supplier and the customer. 

Custell Innovate is a win/win program that will

  • Identify innovation opportunities, then qualify and manage the opportunities to fruition
  • Reduce costs, improve service and grow revenue
  • Improve competitiveness and customer satisfaction



Custell Innovate Methodology

The Custell Innovate methodology captures, evaluates and qualifies innovative ideas from the many internal and external sources available to both the supplier and customer. The methodology helps users to document and evaluate innovation ideas and to qualify, prioritise, commit and implement. 

“Although we were delivering our contracted services on the button every month our customer was less than satisfied with the innovation and value add that we were delivering.  Custell changed that. Our customer was delighted and we delivered incremental revenue growth.” 

Sales Manager, IT Outsourcer. 



Features: Innovate

  • Identifies & removes barriers to innovation
  • Simple techniques for: Facilitating and documenting ideas, Evaluating and qualifying opportunities, Prioritising and committing
  • Innovation workshop methodologies
  • Methods to measure value for both parties
  • Management review methods


“Our key customer relationship quickly moved from floundering to flourishing when we implemented the Custell Innovate methodology. Custell helped us to team better with our customer and to add value for us both.” 

General Manager, Services Provider 



  • Simple
  • Efficient
  • Customer oriented
  • Relationship team friendly
  • Leverages the operational teams
  • Continuous improvement


The Custell Innovate Model


Custell facilitate innovations that reduce running costs, increase revenues and strengthen relationships.

Benefits:Innovate Process Funnel 

  • Fast implementation
  • Easy management
  • Simple communication
  • Adaptable, easily changed
  • Low risk, win/win


  • Automated tailorable process
  • Clear tasks to follow in each stage
  • Supported by training
  • Drill down to detailed task descriptions
  • Innovate templates & reports

“Our key customer relationship quickly went from floundering to flourishing when we implemented Innovate. Custell helped us team better with our customer and to add mutual value.”  

General Manager, Services Provider 

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