Perception Management

Custell Realtalk

Customer Perception Management

“Perceived value – not satisfaction – is the key determinant for customer retention and profitability”      (John Smibert)

It is interesting that so many organisations invest heavily in measuring their customer satisfaction when it has limited influence on customer retention and growth.
Research clearly shows that customers commit and invest more with their providers when they perceive high value derived through the relationship.
Research, and anecdotal evidence, also shows that despite a very high level of satisfaction with suppliers, and their products and services, customers will jump ship if they perceive that they will get better value and competitive advantage by committing to a competitor.

So the bottom line is that we need to continually measure and manage our customer’s perception of value.


How?       One way is to empower your relationship management team to benchmark and continuously improve the perceived value your key customers and alliances have of their relationship with you.  By deploying the Realtalk customer scorecard methodology you and your team can secure and grow these relationships.


Key functions:

  • Measure and benchmark the customer perception of value
  • Capture recommendations to improve the relationship
  • Manage continuous improvement


Key benefits:

  • Continuously improve the relationship
  • Higher retention rates for key relationships
  • Growth of  revenue and profit from key relationships
  • Ease of use for relationship managers.

“The response from participating customers is very positive.  It gives them an opportunity, together with us, to regularly reflect on the relationship. They put a “stake in the ground” and relay to us what needs to be done to move the stake forward.  It provides both intimacy and structure to improving the relationship. We quickly got the support of our account managers for this program – they saw how easy it was to use and how it helped them achieve their objectives without creating unnecessary work”.

Sales Director, Field Services Company

Realtalk Methodology

Benefits: Realtalk Methodology

  • Simple
  • Efficient
  • Non-intrusive
  • Relationship oriented
  • Account team friendly
  • Improvement focussed
  • “Coal face” application


Realtalk Process


  • Automated adaptable process
  • Task instructions in each stage
  • Published to CustellCloud
  • Drill down to detailed task descriptions
  • Links to Realtalk templates

“The predefined Custell process slotted into our business with ease and made the program very simple to administer” Realtak Process

Sales  Manager, Facilities Management Company


  • Fast implementation
  • Easy management
  • Simple communication
  • Adaptable and easily changed
  • Low risk


  • More Satisfied Customers
  • Increased Revenue
  • Improved margin
  • Improved Customer Loyalty

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