Sales Strategy

Custell SOCS (Sales Opportunity Conversion Strategy)

Sales strategies for customer acquisition and long term relationship retention.



Empower your sales team to collaboratively develop a formidable sales strategy to acquire large enterprise business in a competitive environment. At the same time lay the foundation for future retention and growth of your new customer.

Key functions:

  • A collaborative teaming approach to developing a winning sales strategy
  • A strong opportunity analysis capability; Qualification, Value, Powerbase, Competition
  • Evaluates alternative winning strategy models (Art of War)
  • Develop strategy; Value map, key messages, people strategy, competitive strategy.
  • Execute the campaign with proactive task prompting


Strategy Model

Key benefits:

  • More success resulting from a teaming approach to developing sales strategy
  • Structured approach for the sales executive to easily lead the team to success
  • Significantly improved sales close rate on major bids
  • Improves both your profitability and your customer’s perception of value

Before implementing SOCS our close rate on large opportunities was less than 1 in 3”. Also we would regularly find that successful proposals were not profitable. Often new customers were dissatisfied with the result.  SOCS helped us get our close rate to 1 in 2 – our profitability of new implementations has improved and our new customers are perceiving more value from our relationship”. Sales Director, Services Company.



SOCS Functional Map


  • Teaming facilitation tools
  • Simple analysis techniques for:
    • Summarising the opportunity objectively
    • Qualifying and identifying Strength & Weaknesses
    • Assessing the decision powerbase and competitors
  • Powerful strategy development techniques for:
    • Strategy headlining
    • Developing Powerbase & Competitive strategy
    • Testing the strategy
  • Campaign planning and execution 
  • Training for team leaders and team members



  • Improve close rate
  • Increase sales
  • Improve return on sales investment
  • Improve profitability of deliverable
  • Drive more customer value
  • Improve longevity of relationship



SOCS Process


  • Methodology that leads you through the process
  • Training course available
  • Enables an iterative process for strategy development
  • Creates tactics and actions for the campaign

The Custell SOCS process provided us a standard approach that was easy and effective for developing winning sales strategies. It empowered both our sales leaders and their presale teams.”  Sales Manager, Facilities Management Company


  • Fast deployment
  • Easy utilisation
  • Assists effective team communications
  • Empowers key customer sales leaders
  • Gains team support for the sales process


  • Improved close rate
  • Increased sales
  • Increased Revenue & Profitability
  • Improved Customer Perception and loyalty



Who Should Attend?

All Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Sales People, Sales Consultants and Pre-sales People who are accountable for leading or participating in sales teams.

Attend if you and your team want to win more large, complex sales opportunities specially if:

  • You are managing large sales opportunities and want to improve your success rate
  • You lead or are part of a sales support team and need the team to work more strategically
  • You are selling to customers who have multiple influencers and decision makers.
  • You are supporting a sales team.

Everyone can benefit from Custell’s SOCS process.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to:

  • improve your sales ‘close rate’
  • increase the ROI on your sales investment


By the end of this course you and your sales team will be able to:

  • Shift your sales focus from tactical to strategic
  • Assess and analyse a sales opportunity – create a better foundation for your strategy
  • Map the customer powerbase
  • Map the value of your offering versus the competitors
  • Develop and test a competitive strategy for winning a large sales opportunity
  • Selectively deploy any of the six alternative winning strategic models
  • Communicate more effectively with your sales team

Duration: 3 days Training (spread over a number of weeks)


Reference Books

The Joshua Principal by Tony Hughes:  This book on RSVPselling is one of the best and most up to date large enterprise sales books.  It explains how to win large complex sales opportunities using a strategic consultative approach to developing a value based solution for the customer.  It is written as a novel and is thus very easy for sales people to read.  It is very complimentary to the Custell SOCS Sales Strategy program and we recommend it to all our Custell SOCS and SARP (Account Planning) clients .




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