‘My Enterprise’ Feature List

‘My Enterprise’ provides an individual with view of their activity in the organisation (enterprise) for which they work.  The following provides a summary of the features provided by this part of CustellCloud:

  • Home page (a personal home page for each individual who is a user of the system)
    • Personal Calendar
      • Calendar events integrate with other calendars such as Google and Outlook
      • All personal and team events are displayed on the calendar (hover over)
      • Outcomes and tasks display on calendar on their due dates (hover over)
    • Resource centre access
    • Help page access
    • User forum access
  • My Profile – maintain individual’s  information relative to their role in their organisation
    • Manage logon details
    • Contact details
    • My Resume
    • My Role – information about the individual’s place in their organisation
    • My Skills – the individual’s skills inventory
    • My Relationships – list all the people to whom the individual is mapped
    • My Interactions – a record of the users meetings and phone calls
    • My Notes – the individual’s private note pad
    • My Settings – time zones, date formats, work hours, holidays
  • My Tasks
    • A list of all the individuals incomplete tasks
    • Includes tasks from all teams and projects of which the individual is a member
    • Filter and sort by projects, customers, contacts, teams, due date
  • My Messages
    • Comprises all messages  sent to the individual
    • Individual or team messages
    • Includes discussion thread by topic
  • My Teams
    • List of teams of which the individual is a member
    • Provides a means of accessing the team pages
  • My Organisation
    • Name, address and industry
    • Business units, locations
    • Reporting tables
    • User List
    • Account settings

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