‘Outcome Manager’ Features

Outcome Manager is a fully featured project management system.  Features include:

  • Project list with status (selectively display and sort projects)
  • A project is owned by a team
  • Project Workbench
    • Project Goals & Objectives
    • Project Status review
    • Project Documents
    • Project Messages and discussion threads
    • Participating Enterprise list
    • Team member list
    • Primary Outcomes
  • Project Structure
    • Multi-level structure (outcomes and their tasks)
    • Drill down capability
    • Issue management (with red flags)
    • Risk Management (with red flags)
    • Outcome and task management and maintenance
    • Colour scheme for exception management
  • Arrange Outcomes (Deliverables)
    • Project structure modelling
    • Simple outcome creation and sequencing
    • Drag and drop to rearrange structure
  • Gantt Chart: An interactive Gantt Chart with drill down capability
    • Outcomes and tasks – Hover over or click on to drill down to detail
    • Display dependency and critical path
    • Traffic light colours on outcomes, tasks and dependency lines
    • Automatic refresh as any details are modified
  • New Task
    • Assign Accountability and Responsibility
    • Identify relevant customer contact
    • Start date, due date and elapsed days
    • Plan effort hours
    • Attach documents and notes
  • Task functions (Edit, Move, Track Status, manage Documents)
  • Task Prompting (email advices base on business rules – new task, task start date, status update required, due date approaching, task completed)
  • Task dependency (predecessors and successors)
  • Inter Project dependencies
  • Task Lists with display filters and multi-level sort criteria
  • Skills planning
  • Resource planning
  • Project Costing
  • Copy Project (to create a new project of like nature)
  • Project Templates (for replicating standard  repeatable projects)



CustellCloud modules:

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