SARP Account Planning Features

SARP (Strategic Account Relationship Planning) enables the account team to gain a close understanding of the customers business and strategically plan and manage how they can deliver value to the customer.

NOTE: We would recommend you only implement the features you require.  Training programs will be tailored to the features you decide to utilize.

Features include:

  • Customer Register – a register showing the status of all customer plans
  • Account Plan Dashboard – with drill down capability
    • Account Plan Timeline with key decision points
    • Many charts including; Strategy Pipeline, Opportunity Pipeline, Customer Commitments, Sales Value versus Customer Value
    • People Map chart
  • Customer Analysis
    • Business Summary
    • PESTLE Analysis
    • Balanced Scorecard
    • Strategic Imperatives
    • Business Challenges
    • Our Relationship Synopsis
    • 3rd Party Relationships
  • Powerbase Analysis
    • Indented organisation structure
    • Organisation chart
    • Selective display
    • Relationship/Influence index
    • Role level
    • Relationship mapping
  • Our Strategy
    • Account Goal
    • Account Objectives
    • Our Strategic Imperatives
    • Our Initiatives
    • Value Statement
    • Relationship Strategy
    • SWOT Analysis
  • Contract register
    • Contract Event Planning
  • Opportunity Pipeline
  • Commitment Register
  • Audit trail (transaction history)


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