SOCS Sales Strategy – Feature List

SOCS provides the sales team with the means by which they can win a much greater percentage of their business pursuit opportunities.

NOTE: Not all features need to be implemented.  Only features that suit your sales process would be implemented.  Your training programs would be tailored accordingly.

Features include:

  • Opportunity List
  • Add new opportunity
  • Tasks (Create and  manage progress)
    • Allocate tasks from anywhere in SOCS
    • Auto system follow-up of tasks
    • Task monitoring
  • Issues (logging and management)
  • Risks (logging and management)
  • Opportunity Dashboard
    • Red Flags (issues and risks)
    • Progress Timeline
    • Qualification Chart
    • People Map (Powerbase)
    • Behavioural Profile
    • Competitive Map
    • Competitor Relationship Map
    • Task review – Gantt Chart
    • Opportunity Reports
  • Opportunity Home
    • Opportunity overview data
    • Access to SOCS functions
    • Task and risk stats by function
  • Opportunity Synopsis
    • Modifiable synopsis template by business unit
    • Customer focussed questions
    • Communicate the opportunity summary
  • Qualifying Checklist
    • Modifiable qualification template by business unit
    • Questions by category
    • Scoring model
    • Scoring guide specific to each question
    • Recommendations specific to the score for each question
    • Task add/view routine for each question
  • SWOT Analysis
    • Unlimited Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
    • Task add/view routine for each SWOT entry
    • Supports team brainstorming
  • People Mapping
    • Relationship Assessment tool
    • Influence Assessment tool
    • Personal ‘Wants’ and business Needs analysis
    • Behavioural Assessment profiling
  • Value Mapping
    • Weighted buying criteria
    • Solution assessment
    • Key message generator
  • Competitor Analysis
    • Solution analysis and assessment
    • Strengths and weaknesses assessment
    • Competitor relationships assessment
  • Choose Strategy
    • The six ‘art of war’ strategies presented
    • Process provided for choosing strategy
  • Headline Strategy
  • Value Proposition
  • Relationship Proposition
  • People Strategy
    • Strategy to address ‘wants’ and needs
    • Strategy to complement their behavioural style
    • Key message generation by individual
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Test Strategy – trial loss methodology
  • Activity Plan
    • Task structured by functional area
    • Presented graphically (Gantt Chart)


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