‘VirtualTeam’ feature list

‘VirtualTeam’ provides a central area for teams to collaborate to achieve outcomes.  Features include:

  • Team lists (selectively display and sort teams – view team structure and relationships)
  • Drill down to member profile including skills inventory
  • Team member Role and member type
  • Team Member Type (Leader, Administrator, Core Member, Stakeholder)
  • Security access controlled by team and team role
  • Multi-layered inter team networked structure
  • Indented team structure view and drill down
  • Parent/Subordinate inter team relationships
  • Team networking
  • ‘One way’ secure access from parent team to subordinate team (not vice versa) – enables Clients and Partner organisations to be securely invited into teams to collaborate.
  • Multi organisation participation (Customers, Suppliers, Partners by invitation)
  • Team delegation capability
  • Team Workbench (Dashboard)
    • Team specific activity stream – monitor activity and interactively collaborate
    • Member list
    • Team projects – achieving agreed  team outcomes
    • Team Commitments – ensuring client commitments don’t slip through the cracks
    • Status Dashboard
    • Task management
    • Team collaboration (messaging, discussion threads, document sharing)
    • Team Calendar (Due Outcomes, Tasks, Team meetings & events)
    • Calendar synchronization with Outlook and other personal and business calendars
    • Team tools (e.g. SWOT, voting, Decisions )
    • Team data (Team purpose, business unit, location, participating organisations, parent team, subordinate teams)
    • Decision Register – maintain a record of all team decisions for future reference – avoid reinventing the wheel


CustellCloud modules:

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