Enterprise Hub

Enterprise Hub provides the ability to add and manage clients and users on the system.

CustellCloud is a single instance,  multi-tenanted system.

The Enterprise Hub assists in managing all the accounts and users, their security and their subscription status.

The “account” and “user” management functionality  is used across the entire system. Each “application” or module utilises this Hub

  Figure: User and Account relationships


There are three types of accounts maintained in the Enterprise Hub:

  • Partner; an enterprise that is a business partner with Custell for the purpose of selling and implementing Custell applications

  • Client; A Custell client is an enterprise which has subscribed to use the Custell Applications

  • Relationship; An enterprise which has a relationship with a Custell client normally as a customer, supplier or business partner.


USERS: Each user in the system is managed independently from Accounts (Partners, Clients or Relationships). A user is uniquely identified by their email address.  A user is initially created by an administrator of an Account.  The user is then advised by email that he/she is now a Custell user and from that point the management of their profile is their personal responsibility. Additional accounts may authorise a user as a member of that account.

The following conditions apply to user access:

  • Single Login = Multiple Access: A user need only log in once per session no matter what areas of the system they plan to access.

  • Single User = Multiple Accounts: If a user is given the authority to access more than one account a single user has the ability to access multiple accounts . For security reasons a user cannot access different accounts simultaneously; however a user can “switch” between accounts.

  • Single User = Multiple Applications: A user may access multiple applications that are licensed by the account and authorised for that user to access. The user may switch between these applications.

The functions associated with creating and managing accounts and users exists independently of each application although some functions may be called from an application.



CustellCloud modules:

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