Outcome Manager

Outcome Manager helps  teams to manage projects to achieve business project outcomes.

The purpose of ‘Outcome Manager’ is to enable virtual teams comprising people with diverse skills and from disparate organizations and geographies to collaboratively manage projects, outcomes and tasks to achieve valuable business objectives.

What will it do for me? How will it enable my teams to perform? What is the functionality?


Outcome Manager will:Gantt Chart

  • Help virtual, multi functional teams to achieve outcomes
  • Help individuals meet their team commitments
  • Help team leaders to lead the team to success

This application can be used stand alone with VirtualTeam.

It also supports and underpins all the CustellCloud  applications and methodologies.



Outcome Manager  supports teams and their leaders in:

  • Structuring activity into projects and planned outcomes
  • Identifying the tasks necessary to achieve outcomes
  • Identifying accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Monitoring and managing the completion of tasks
  • Following up on late tasks


Outcome Manager includes the following functionality:

  • Project Workbench – the hub of all project team activity
  • Project discussion threads to aid in team collaboration on project issues and topics
  • Project based document management
  • Selective project structure display with drill down capability
  • Interactive Gantt Chart for planning and managing progress
  • Work Breakdown modelling with drag and drop structuring
  • Dependency management intra and inter projects – enables Program Management across multiple projects resourced by diversely resourced virtual teams (see Team Collaboration)
  • Risk planning and mitigation
  • Issue management
  • Automatic task prompting and follow up with adaptable business rules
  • Skills planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Cost monitoring by project and project cost reporting across multiple projects
  • Project templates – enabling easy, risk reduced project planning for repetitive projects of a similar type
  • Project history – ensuring traceability and auditability

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CustellCloud modules:

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